Setúbal is a World of Flavors

The fish, always fresh, makes the gastronomic offer of the Setúbal region a national and international reference, whose quality label has gained notoriety over time.

In Setúbal, fish and delicacies from the sea are the main gastronomic attraction. Sardines are one of our biggest gastronomic references and are always a reason for a feast of flavors. In 2011 it was considered one of the "7 Wonders of Gastronomy" in Portugal.

Like sardines and mackerel, red mullet and oysters are some of the different delicacies featured in the cuisine of Setúbal.

As far as pastries are concerned, Setúbal is one of the most famous regions in the country.

The tradition goes back to the confection of sweets made from oranges from the orange groves that used to dress the city of yore, as well as honey from the bees of Serra da Arrábida. And not only.

From Setúbal, delicacies based on oranges and also the historic Bolacha Piedade.

Azeitão is an authentic world of flavors. In this incredible village, in the heart of Serra da Arrábida, some of the most acclaimed gastronomic products in the region are produced.

Land rich in sweets, with the famous Tortas, Amores and Osses, without forgetting the Egg and Almond Cheeses, as well as the Milk Queijadinhas of Sheep.

Azeitão was once an important focus of sheep production in the country. And where there are sheep, there is cheese. The Azeitão cheese, one of the best Portuguese soft-paste sheep's cheeses, has unique characteristics, achieved by the specific conditions and characteristics of Arrábida and the ingredients it produces.

Accompanying all these delicacies is a good wine. With the microclimate favoring the cultivation of vines, the region offers award-winning wines in the four corners of the world.

Floral aromas in the whites, soft flavors of spices and wild berries in the reds. There is also Moscatel, king of wine production in the Setúbal Peninsula.

These are just some of the gastronomic gems of Setúbal, an endless world of flavors, a genuine Land of Fish.