Our Urban Parks

Urban Park-of-Albarquel-4

Parque Urbano de Albarquel

The urban park of Setúbal located closest to the river Sado.

Opened in 2008.

Area greater than 40 thousand square meters.

Restaurant services, fitness track, playground, public restrooms, children's playground, exhibition gallery, dedicated car park, panoramic view of the river and the Tróia peninsula, GoArrábida sports support center.

Possibility of observing shrub species adapted to the river front.


Bonfim Garden

The oldest formal green space in the county (dating back to the XNUMXth century), located in the city centre.
Area greater than 42 thousand square meters.

Catering services, public restrooms, children's playground, amphitheater for shows

It includes several points of artistic interest, such as different versions of Pasmadinhos de Setúbal, a sundial and the city's coat of arms in stone

It allows the observation of water birds (main lake), the observation of more than 40 tree species, including specimens classified as trees of national interest and a rare specimen of Araucaria bidwillii.

Vanicelos Garden

Vanicelos Garden

Created in an area of ​​land subdivision with recreational functions and flood control in the city and which currently attracts visitors from all over the county.

Area greater than 60 thousand square meters.

Restaurant services (ambulant), public bathrooms, canine toilet, amphitheater, playing fields (including padel), children's playground.

Possibility of observing a complex artisanal irrigation system with connection to several tanks, well and waterwheel.


Multisensory Garden of Energies

Scientific-pedagogical project available to the general population, with characteristics aimed at the school community and people with disabilities.

The visually attractive and energy efficient equipment stimulates the visitors' senses by providing color contrasts and different aromas, textures and sounds. At the same time, it constitutes a space for learning about environmentally sustainable energies.

Integrated in the National Ecological Reserve, as a protection area of ​​Escarpas de Santos Nicolau.

Total area of ​​8.175 square meters.

Opened in 2018, after requalification of the old Jardim das Escarpas de Santos Nicolau.

As a public garden, it performs, par excellence, recreational functions with several “living” areas privileged by unique views of the river.


Azeitão Bacalhôa Park

Located next to Estrada Nacional 10, at the entrance of Vila Nogueira de Azeitão.

Opened in 2011.

Park with about six hectares of area.

Cafeteria services, children's playground, senior fitness equipment, hiking trails, skate park, slide, street basket, picnic area, bicycle parking, geriatric equipment.

It allows the observation of centenary olive trees in addition to other trees of riparian species planted along the water line.

It includes a water retention basin, intended to reinforce safety conditions in the event of extreme precipitation.

Cotton Garden-2

Algodeia Park

This park represents the first step in the system created for the rainwater retention basin in Várzea, intended for flood control in the city.

It also assumes recreational and leisure functions.

Area greater than 27 thousand square meters.

Cafeteria and children's playground services.

Possibility of observing water birds (main lake with islet) and the clone of the Freixo de Duarte de Armas, offered to Setúbal by the municipality of Freixo de Espada à Cinta.

Strawberry Park 2

Strawberry Park

Green space in Brejos de Azeitão, next to the south entrance of the parish, and dedicated to the memory of the strawberry culture.

Area greater than 4 thousand square meters.

Cafeteria services, children's playground, area for shows (hosts the Strawberry Festival), equipment for physical maintenance and private parking.


Bela Vista Park

The largest urban park in the county, with a privileged view of the Serra da Arrábida, the river Sado and the Troia peninsula.

Opened in 2003.

Area greater than 100 thousand square meters.

Cafeteria services, playgrounds, maintenance tracks, changing rooms, public restrooms, parkour track, children's equipment, amphitheater, chapel and possibility of observing native shrub species.