Tourism House

Setúbal / Tourism House

The Casa do Turismo, located in the old building of the Club of Officers, comprises a tourist information point, a regional products store, an Interpretive Center on Gastronomy and Wines and a cafeteria with a privileged view over the Praça do Bocage.

History of the building

Corpo da Guarda House in Setúbal

Located close to the Setúbal City Hall and with an exterior design that has some similarities with it, this used to be the ‘Corpo da Guarda’ House, intended to accommodate the soldiers of the local military regiment.

It was commissioned around 1650 by the then ‘governador das armas’ (territorial commander) of the District of Setúbal, João Nunes da Cunha, and it survived the 1755 earthquake.

The Corpo da Guarda House is the result of the reconstruction of an existing building, made in the kingdom of D. João V who, in the same period, also ordered the reconstruction of the City Hall, also in the old Sapal Square, now Bocage Square.

Corpo da Guarda House and the Setúbal D.R.M.

After the transfer to other facilities of the Setúbal Military Conscription District (D.R.M.), which operated here for decades, until 1993, the building was used as headquarters of the Setúbal Military Officers Club, being inaugurated as such on 10 April, 1997.

Setúbal Military Officers Club

The Military Officers Club, dedicated to cultural, artistic and leisure activities organised for military officers, was founded on 15 April, 1996 in the city of Setúbal which, in 1879, had accommodated, in a different building in Bocage Square, another ‘Military Club’ created by the officers of the Chasseur Battalion No. 1, with similar goals and services.


Setúbal / Tourism House
Setúbal / Tourism House

House of Tourism of Setúbal

In 2019, the municipality of Setúbal acquired the building from the Portuguese Army – Ministry of Internal Affairs, and opened its doors to locals and visitors. After renovation works, the building was inaugurated in September 2020 as the House of Tourism of Setúbal, offering tourist support services.

Via Sacra Station

Adjoining the Corpo da Guarda House, to the west, we find one of the stations of the ‘Way of the Cross’ or ‘Via Sacra’, which ran between the churches of Our Lady of Grace and Our Lady of the Annunciation.

On 12 June 1955, this little chapel was dedicated to St. Christopher, the patron saint of travellers, namely drivers and chauffeurs; an annual festivity in honour of this saint was also established on this date.

The image of St. Christopher was sculpted in Estremoz pottery by artist Joaquim Prudêncio de Oliveira and offered by the old regional weekly newspaper ‘O Distrito de Setúbal’.

Chapel of Our Lady of the Conception of Sapal

Adjoining the Corpo da Guarda House, to the east, there was the ‘Chapel of Infantry Regiment N.º 7’; the regiment was stationed there and the chapel was accessible via an interior passage.

The Chapel’s patron saint was Our Lady of the Conception, whose invocation included ‘of Sapal’ due to its location. It was the starting point of a crowded procession held on 8 December as part of military celebrations.

This chapel remained open for worship until 1861, when part of the building to which it belongs became private property.

The image of Our Lady of the Conception of Sapal, described as having a ‘good quality’, was then transferred to the parish church of St. Julian. Part of its artistic collection – namely one of five beautiful paintings by Francisco Figueiredo (1782) –, which is now integrated into the Setúbal Museum/Convent of Jesus collections, is on display at the Corpo Santo House – Baroque Museum.

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Tourism House
Tourist Information
Interpretive Center of Gastronomy and Wine
Regional products store
Cafeteria with terrace

Bocage Square
Former Officers Club building
Telephone: +351 915 174 442

From March to October
All days, from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm

From November to February
Every day, from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm




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