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There are several buildings and various sculptural works across the municipality which attract visitors’ attention due to their originality, grandeur or beauty.

“Choco Pessoa” is a tribute to Setúbal’s fried cuttlefish (inspired by Fernando Pessoa’s evocative sculpture at Café A Brasileira, in Lisbon) and is located near the Fontainhas roundabout.

Five wooden panels with drawings made by Álvaro Cunhal between 1951 and 1959, when he was a political prisoner.

A replica of the former 1928 coach, which linked Setúbal and Azeitão. It recreates the exterior appearance of the vehicle of the former Setúbal Transport Company (Belos) in detail, including the original dimensions, registration and the painting which identified the public transport company.

“Choco Frigideira” is another tribute to Setúbal’s fried cuttlefish and is located in the access to the Arrábida beaches

A bronze sculpture created by Setúbal-born sculptor Charles Correia, who donated this piece to the city in 1988. The sculpture represents the nymph who inspired Bocage, the poet, and is located where Luísa Todi Avenue meets Bocage Square

The Centennial Fountain was dedicated in 1961 and is located on the main square on Luísa Todi Avenue, right in front of the Livramento Market.

Enjoy breathtaking views over the Setúbal Bay and the Serra da Arrábida from the St. Sebastian belvedere. Located in the St. Dominic neighbourhood.

One of the various statues on display inside the Livramento Market that portray some of the traders’ professions. They were created by sculptor Augusto Cid.

Be sure to admire the traditional Portuguese stone pavements, found across the entire municipality but especially in Setúbal’s historic centre

The statue honours Mariana Torres, killed on 13 March 1911, during a protest for better working conditions. It was created by sculptor Jorge Pé-Curto and is located at Fontenova Square

Created by João Duarte and located on Ribeira Velha Square, this bronze sculpture represents the female form.

Bocage, Luísa Todi and the “Descarregador de Peixe” (Fish Unloader) are three of Setúbal’s most renowned citizens and are depicted in the urban art exhibition on display at Bonfim Park

A monument to the Antifascist Resistance, so that those who fought against the oppressive regime are never forgotten

This 250-tonne white marble sculpture is the work of sculptor Carlos Andrade, and honours bottlenose dolphins. It measures approximately 15 metres long, 2 deep and 4 high. The sculpture artistically portrays the movement of the famous dolphins that inhabit the river Sado

“The Tourist”, another bronze sculpture by João Duarte, located right outside the Ribeira Velha Archway towards Luísa Todi Avenue

The replicas exhibited in the Dolphin Parade depict the three main positions of movement when the dolphins come above water: coming out of the water, the jump in mid-air and diving back into the water

“Zephyr”, located in Monte Belo, is the work of visual sculptor Sérgio Vicente and symbolises, according to Greek mythology, the west wind

A large-scale sculpture of an upside-down bunch of grapes with yellowish tones, a colour enhanced by decorative lighting. This piece represents traditional wine production in this region of Azeitão

A bronze statue created by João Duarte and located on Misericórdia Square. It portrays the female form

Monument to the Fisherman to honour the men of the sea and their arduous and dangerous work

Take a closer look at the “Casa do Leão” (House of the Lion), an example of the Art Nouveau style which was widely used in Setúbal.

The original blue and white tile panels, as well as the ornate stone balconies, the stone-dust trim with a lion’s head, and the window frames have survived to this day

The Salgado Quarter, built in the 1920s, was initially occupied by the canning industry bourgeoisie and has several buildings with Art Nouveau decorations

“Sardines”, built on the Fontainhas roundabout



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