May 24-30, 2024


21:30 - 23:40


The singer-songwriter and bassist from Porto Aníbal Zola opens the Soam as Guitarras festival on May 24th, at Cinema Charlot – Municipal Auditorium, whose lineup for the 8th edition, running until May 30th, also includes Tim and Rodrigo Leão, among others .

Soam as Guitarras, organized by Ghude with local co-production by Setúbal City Council for the fifth year, takes shows to several cities across the country, in a program that provides exclusive and unrepeatable meetings between musicians, as well as album premieres, in large-scale environments. proximity to the public.

In Setúbal, the 8th edition opens on May 24th at 21:30 pm with Aníbal Zola – pseudonym of José Aníbal Beirão –, trained in Jazz and known for using the Portuguese language in his compositions since 2008.

With three albums released, the singer-songwriter and double bassist, born in Porto, explores, in addition to jazz, various musical genres from the American continent, such as samba, bossa nova, tango, chacarera and bolero.

For this show, Aníbal Zola, preparing a new album, invites the singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Madalena Palmeirim, with more than a decade of activity in music and with songs with an alternative spirit, rock, folk, samba and morna.

The night concert on the 24th, with tickets for 10 euros, available here, promises surprises and a fusion of musical styles between the double bass and the voice of Aníbal Zola and the instrumental and vocal versatility of Madalena Palmeirim, who recently released a new album, inspired by Cape Verde, entitled “Morna Mansa”.

Until May 30th, the festival will feature three more concerts, divided between Cinema Charlot – Municipal Auditorium and Fórum Luísa Todi.

Tomorrow, at 21:30 pm, the festival continues with guitarists Bruno Pernadas and Mário Delgado, in a concert with a diverse repertoire that covers various musical styles, creating an intimate atmosphere at Cinema Charlot, with tickets for 10 euros, on sale here.

The Soam as Guitarras festival continues with exclusive concerts by Tim with Pedro Jóia and Rodrigo Leão with José Peixoto, respectively on the 29th and 30th of May, at the Luísa Todi Municipal Forum.

In the first concert, Tim, lead singer of the iconic Portuguese band Xutos & Pontapés, is accompanied on stage by guitarist Pedro Jóia, while in the second concert, entitled “Os Portugueses”, Rodrigo Leão is accompanied by guitarist José Peixoto to recover songs he created for the television series “Portugal, A Social Portrait”.

The concerts, both scheduled for 21pm, have tickets on sale at the Luísa Todi Municipal Forum and at Bilheteira Online, in www.bol.pt, with Tim and Pedro Jóia having tickets for 15 euros, while tickets for the show “Os Portugueses” cost 18 euros.





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