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Festivals, Fairs and Pilgrimages

Sant’Iago Fair

The Sant’Iago Fair, which is over 400 years old, is the region’s main festival and one of the largest fairs in southern Portugal.

Companies and institutions are present, and traditional artisan crafts are available to buy.

Entertainment is provided by various performers in an exciting show programme.

When: the last week of July and the first week of August

Where: Sant’Iago Park (Manteigadas)

Celebrating St. Gabriel 

These festivities are characterised by shows, artisan crafts, painting, and the election of “Miss Colectividades” on the last day of the celebrations.

When: beginning of June

Where: St. Gabriel Ring

Festival of Our Lady of the Rosary of Tróia

The decorated boat parade between Setúbal and the Tróia Peninsula is the ceremony of the Festival of Our Lady of the Rosary of Tróia.

After a mass honouring the fallen mariners in the St. Sebastian Church, the worshippers cross the Sado in decorated boats and head towards Tróia. On the first night, a candle-lit procession is held along the beach.

As well as religious ceremonies, there is also an evening get-together with dances and parties. The Decorated Boat Contest begins on the second day of celebrations in Tróia.

When: during the second fortnight of August


A food festival where residents and visitors come together and enjoy live music.

When: August

Where: Escarpas de Santos Nicolau

Festival of Our Lady of Arrábida (New Pilgrimage in Setúbal)

A festival involving fishermen and mariners from the Tróino district in honour of their patron saint. In the past, the celebrations started on Friday with bands that went through the city announcing the beginning of the Festival. On Saturday, the boats sailed towards the convent. Religious celebrations took place on Sunday and the boats returned on Monday in a maritime procession. The time spent in the convent was joyous, with snacks and singing challenges and dances that lasted all night. Nowadays, the celebrations only last one day and the procession is held on land.

When: beginning of July

St. Simon Festivals

This event combines a variety of food stands, traditional artisan crafts and fantastic musical entertainment.

When: August

Where: Brejos de Azeitão

Festival of Our Lady of Good Health

Initially only religious in nature, these festivals, which have been celebrated for over 285 years, began to have a secular aspect from the 19th century. Nowadays, the Lady of Good Health festivals retain much of the authenticity of festivals from the past – the mass and procession, the church fête, the bandstand where bands perform and the “cavalhadas” (traditional Portuguese celebrations recreating medieval tournaments and battles).

When: the first week of September

Where: Vila Fresca de Azeitão

Arrábida and Azeitão Festivals

Concerts, exhibitions, food and drink and regional artisan crafts characterise this festival which attracts thousands of people to the main square of Azeitão.

When: mid-July

Where: Rossio de Azeitão

Mourisca Tide Mill Festival

Despite being a relatively recent celebration, it is already one of the largest events for culture, sport, religion and gastronomy in the Municipality.

When: the last weekend of August

Festival os St. Louis of the Mountain

The first festival in the calendar of ancient Setúbal pilgrimages and “círios” (traditional Portuguese pilgrimages in which candles are taken to a shrine). The celebrations of this saint – patron of the Serra da Arrábida shepherds – were an opportunity for a joyful get-together among shepherds, villagers and seafarers. The festival has also retained some aspects from ancient times, including the church fête, picnics and traditional games.

When: The Sunday following Easter Sunday

Where: Serra de S. Luís

Festival os St. Peter of Alcube

These religious festivals take place at “Aldeia Grande” (a village), and have been celebrated for over 100 years. 

When: the last fortnight of July

Lord of Bonfim Festival

This marked the beginning of the working season, where fishermen and mariners asked their patron saint for protection against danger and blessing for successful fishing. The highlight of this prominently religious festival are pictures of the Lord of Bonfim, Our Lady of Arrábida and Our Lady of the Rosary of Tróia – the protective saints of two ancient fishing communities in Setúbal (Fontainhas and Tróino), held in the procession which heads to the port where the fishing boats are blessed. 

When:  the first weekend in May

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