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With a blue river flowing into a sea that is lost in the sky, on one side, and embraced by the Serra da Arrábida, on the other, Setúbal is a true sanctuary of traditions and flavors.


Nothing like a coffee break!

If in Portugal we value our coffee break, in Setúbal we maintain and cultivate this wonderful habit that has the most diverse purposes, from the short break between tasks and work, to the long conversation with that friend we've been wanting to meet again...

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Wine Corner_JMF

Snacks and wine corner

Regional dishes and sharing snacks, accompanied by wines, define the concept of the winebar and restaurant Wine Corner by José Maria da Fonseca, in Vila Nogueira de Azeitão.

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Mussel, bien sûr!

In the heart of the city, there is a new gastronomic space that offers a gastronomic journey with a taste of France. At Bar a Moules – Chez Nando, the menu only has mussel-based dishes, made with four different sauces.

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AZCOOK - Azeitão Cooking Studio

AZCOOK - Azeitão Cooking Studio was born from an entrepreneurial project by a couple who are passionate about gastronomy and all the dynamics and conviviality that only cooking and tasting food can provide....

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Is Xtoria a restaurant? Yes it is! But above all, it is a team that works to bring you the best that the city of Setúbal has to offer...

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