Azeitão is the name normally used to refer to a group of villages that reach the maximum exponent in terms of tourist interest in Vila Nogueira and Vila Fresca de Azeitão.

Shaded by the Arrábida mountain range, the region gained prestige from the XNUMXth century onwards with the installation of noble families.
Today, Azeitão is worthy of its bucolic peace, the weight of history shown in its buildings, the friendliness of its people and, in particular, the gastronomic experiences it has to offer.

Tours must be done on foot, otherwise, you will miss out on some of Azeitão' villages' charms.

The neat and flowery streets are a hallmark of Vila Fresca de Azeitão, where the church of S. Simão, the handicraft workshops, the fountain and the Bacalhôa Palace are a must.

In Vila Nogueira the charms do not diminish. Quinta das Torres, Palace of the Dukes of Aveiro, Church of S. Lourenço, Fonte dos Pasmados or the house-museum of the José Maria da Fonseca wine company are some of the places of interest.

Praça da República, better known as Rossio, where there is a statue in honor of the poet of Azeitão, Sebastião da Gama, is a pleasant leisure spot, shaded by huge plane trees.

The tiles, the cheese, the pies, the wine – especially the muscatel – and the Azeitão cheesecakes are excellent products from this region.

Visit this enchanted world.